CPU-Z Download 1.43 Free Download For Android [Latest Version]


CPU-Z AndroidCPU-Z android version provides information about your mobile devices. It reports details such as chip name, architecture, clock speed for cache core, and system information such as device brand and model, screen resolution, RAM, storage, and battery information such as level, status, temperature, capacity, and sensors. CPU-Z is an easy-to-use application. It does not come with any complex interface also this is a user-friendly interface. It features straight forward interface. The interface of this application is well designed and it presents information in tabs. It contains the most important details of your device's hardware. If you are looking for an app to know more details about the hardware CPU-Z is the best solution. So Android users can download and install it by using the this website.

How to Use CPU-Z on Android

  • Download the CPU-Z Android version from our site.
  • Once installed, open the CPU-Z app by tapping on its icon in your app drawer or home screen.
  • PU-Z provides various tabs that display detailed information about your device. These include:
  • SOC (System On Chip): Shows details about your device‚Äôs CPU, such as architecture, cores, and clock speed.
  • System: Displays information about your device model, manufacturer, screen resolution, RAM, and storage.
  • Battery: Provides details about the battery health, level, status, temperature, and voltage.
  • Sensors: Lists all the sensors present in your device along with their real-time data readings.
  • Temperature: Displays the temperature of various components (if this data is available on your device).
  • Simply swipe left or right to navigate between the different tabs.
  • The app will automatically display the information without needing any additional input from you.
  • Also you can CPU-Z Download For Windows. It supports Windows well. Try it.